The British Medical Journal has recently published the paper Compliance with requirement to report results on the EU Clinical Trials Register: cohort study and web resource, by Goldacre et al. The article performs the first analysis on the adherence of the sponsors to the registration of the clinical studies on the EU Clinical Trial Register.

The publication of all the clinical trials, except for phase 1 on the adults, within twelve months from their completion, is one of the requirements established by the European Commission to guarantee the publicity of the results. It is also one of the salient features concerning the EU transparency policy.

As indicated by the monitoring site Eu Trials Tracker, Chiesi Farmaceutici is one of the nine companies that have reached the maximum compliance rate (100%) of the trials published according to the timing and the methods prescribed by the Commission.

Maxer started collaborating with Chiesi as of 2015 to ensure the correctness of the EU transparency policies and is now happy to express his appreciation for the results his client has achieved.