A data-driven method for digital profiling: the article on AboutPharma

Maxer is pleased to relaunch the article published by AboutPharma in the December 2022/January 2023 issue, entitled A data-driven method: following “traces” on the web helps to profile doctors.

The article, written by Massimo Zaninelli, Laura Gatti, Marco Santagostino and Fausto Volonté, presents the method of profiling health professionals’ digital behaviours on Internet pages and Social Media.

The text also presents the results of a case study which examined a sample of over a thousand specialists in a homogeneous therapeutic area in three regions of northern, central, and southern Italy.

The results suggest some considerations about adopting a data-driven method to define the digital channels companies operating in the health sector, e.g. pharmaceuticals, can use to feed information to doctors and other health professionals more effectively.