AISM-Assolombarda meeting on the Lead Management

lead_management_systemMassimo Zaninelli coordinated the debate Lead management & analytics: how to handle contacts with potential and real customers, which took place at the “Falk” hall of Assolombarda. The speakers’ panel included Alessandra Scipioni (Assolombarda), Carlo Renzi and Andrea Alampi (Geocom Italy), Fabio Lazzarini (D & B), and Guido Niessner (Sanofi).

The works focused on the most effective ways to acquire new customers, an activity that represents a growing commitment for companies.

Traditional marketing and web marketing, segmentation and geo-referenced models were the cores of the presentations; besides dealing with the more technical aspects of lead management, the speakers stressed the importance of devoting adequate time and energy to hearing the needs and priorities of the potential and actual customers. The audience contributed to the good result of the meeting nurturing a particularly interesting debate.