AUSED event: social media, web reputation, and much more

Yesterday I moderated the interesting conference Business Communication and ICT: Allied cultures to complementary manage the complexity and innovation, organised by AUSED. I also participated in the work with the report When technology and communication cooperate: immediate and long-term benefits in which I showcased three case histories where cooperation between IT and communication skills offers concrete advantages: social media marketing, change management applied to the implementation of ERP systems, e-mail and virtual collaboration in enterprises.

At the end of the presentations an interesting debate has developed on how to effectively analyse the web reputation. The speakers Fabio Benedetti (IBM) and Giovanni Acerboni (L’Ink – Scrittura professionale) have proposed two distinct approaches to this subject: algorithm-based statistical computation and pragmalinguistics applied to the understanding of the textual findings. Both methods can capture relevant elements of a brand perception on the social media but their synergistic use seems to return a broader view of the phenomenon, easier to sue for marketing purposes.

Even the interventions by Luca Marchionni (Hermes Culture) and Massimo Giordani (AISM) were of considerable interest. The first pointed out the potential of company museums and of new technologies that enable their use. The second illustrated the opportunities that already the social media offer to marketing and that many Italian operators (as suggested by the data presented) are running the risk to lose.

All presentations will soon be available on the AUSED website, that you can access through registration.


Massimo Zaninelli