Corporate Communication course at the University of Parma

nullIn early 2017 Massimo Zaninelli will be teaching professor of Corporate Communication at the Master course Web communication & social media at the University Parma. Over the next weeks, we will inform you about the precise date of the beginning of the course.
The Master, at its fifth edition, foresees a program of 15 teaching subjects, plus workshops and seminars. The Corporate Communication course, lasting 20 hours, will deal with following issues:

  • introduction;
  • institutional communication;
  • internal communication;
  • brand communication;
  • corporate social responsibility.

The introduction deals with the general issues of the business communication from different points of view: the company profile, the commodity sector, and the organisation model. A deepening concerns the main elements of the theory of language and the relationship between traditional and digital media. The following modules describe the specialisations of the corporate communication and their identifying traits. At the end of each module and of the course, the program foresees exercises based on concrete cases.