Digital marketing for the pharma industry

On 25 October, as part of the 2023 Pharmaceutical Marketing Course organized by the Pharma department of AISM Associazione Italiana Sviluppo Marketing, Massimo Zaninelli, CEO of Maxer Consulting, held a lecture dedicated to Digital Pharma Marketing. Among the topics covered in his speech:

  • the fundamentals of digital technologies
  • social media and generative AI apps applied to marketing activities,
  • lead generation concepts and tools,
  • some case studies of successful prescription drug marketing campaigns.

The course took place between 25 and 26 October, divided into four modules of four hours each, and saw the participation of two companies from the pharmaceutical sector and an agency specializing in market access. The participants appreciated the classroom activities and marked the resumption of AISM’s professional training activities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Marketing Management: Fausto Volonté (Consultant)
Digital Marketing: Massimo Zaninelli (CEO Maxer Consulting e AISM Advisor)
Market Access:  Giorgio Lorenzo Colombo, Giacomo Matteo Bruno, University of Pavia and S.A.V.E. Studi Analisi Valutazioni Economiche)
Sales Management: Paolo Nascetti (Consultant).