Food for thought from DIA Europe 2019

Maxer Consulting took part in the DIA Europe 2019, one of the major events dedicated to the professional update in clinical research.
The debate focused on many issues, among which it is worth mentioning:

Patient centricity: with a touching witness Dave de Bronckart, Member of British Medical Journal Patient Advisory Panel, talked about his experience as a patient, the support he received from the e-patient community, and the role of super-patients who can provide a substantial contribution.

Digital trials, opening new extraordinary opportunities but requires to explain to the healthcare stakeholders the added value of the algorithms that allow performing in silico clinical trials before starting their large scale application in the development of new drugs.

Re-Thinking Clinical Development: There is broad consensus on the fact that under the pressure of containing the costs and thanks to the opportunities deriving from the increasing digitalisation,  significant changes are coming over the next few years in clinical development. The question is: how can regulators, sponsor and other stakeholders collaborate to this evolution?

The debate on the blockchain underlined that this technology would enable new business models. It also improves transparency, trust and drives the next level of automation across companies. The blockchain will trigger a cultural change on the way we manage data, though we can foresee that technology will take another 3 to 5 years to mature. It is also worth mentioning that nine major pharmaceutical enterprises joined in a consortium to speed up the adoption of blockchain application.