Lecture at the University of Parma – Master ‘Web Communication & Social Media’

The concluding session of the Master <a href=”http://www.webmediamaster.unipr.it/interno/programma.html”>’Web Communication &amp; Social Media’ </a>hosted a lecture by Massimo Zaninelli entitled <em> Advanced management of e-mail and social media mix. Besides some indication on the proper handling of e-mail in large organizations, the intervention focused on techniques to design and implement complex e-mail, for example, addressed to a large number of recipients.</em>

The second part, dedicated to <em> How to use social media to promote their profession or your own business , was based on a workshop aimed at enhancing professional or academic successful projects through the dissemination of texts, videos or other materials on selected social media. The structure of the contents and the selection of the communications channels should be based on the nature of the project and the paramount interests of the stakeholders.</em>