Massimo Zaninelli joins the Promostudio speakers’ bureau

Maxer is pleased to announce that his CEO, Massimo Zaninelli, is now a member of the Promostudio speakers’ bureau. His lectures deal with corporate communication, and web & social media marketing, topics for which he developed direct experiences, as a manager, and education, as a teaching professor at the CUOA Foundation and the University of Parma.

Promostudio is a consulting, training and executive education that has developed its speakers’ bureau in years of experience and accompanies its customers in choosing the best possible speaker. The speakers’ bureau includes high-profile personalities, among which several Nobel laureates, and experts in the fields of Management, Economics and Finance. The Promostudio speakers, as well as outlining political and socio-economic scenarios, address topics such as new trends, risks, strategies, and opportunities of the new global market.