PHUSE Update – Country Clinical Trial Disclosure Requirements

PHUSE updated their spreadsheet of country clinical trial disclosure requirements on May 12, 2020.  The CTT Country-level Worksheet provides the following information for each country:

  • Categorization of national clinical trial registries*
  • Registration of trials/studies
  • Results posting required
  • Information entered into the registry by…
  • Route of data in registry.

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*1) Not aware of any regulation or public registry/database
2) Country requiring / recommending use
3a) EU CTR via Clinical Trial Applications
3b) EU PAS – ENCePP (European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and    Pharmacovigilance [PASS & PAES requirements])
4) Countries with their own Registries/Database
4a) Mandatory National Database (includes Ethics Requirement)
4b) Additional National Registry/Database (may be mandatory)
4c) Pan African Clinical Trial Registry
4d) National- or Registry that Supplements information from other Registries
4e) Academic / Patient Registries / Voluntary”National database/registry (with hyperlinks to the database)