Prometheus’ gift: web and social media in the world of health

Massimo Zaninelli (Maxer Consulting) completed last week the course designed and built for IMS Health Italy and dedicated to project, write and valorise the contents of IMS Health Magazine.

Many representatives of Marketing and Communications attended the two sessions of the course. During the first one, the work focused on common elements and specific traits of Information, Communication, and Conversation, then on the techniques of writing for the web and social media.

The classroom during the courseThe second meeting dealt with the use of non-text content (iconography, info-graphics, services, multimedia) for web and social media; it also dedicated space to examples of the social media in the scenario of health. A deepening, of particular interest to the participants, concerned the management of the online community.

Both meetings dedicated ample room to exercises, aimed to project and draft texts intended to populate the pages of IMS Health Magazine.

The feedback from participants was positive, both for learning the ideas and techniques discussed during the course, and for the improvements that they will produce in creating and enhancing new content of IMS Health marketing tools.