The new is now online

Maxer Consulting launches the new edition of, updated in its contents, in technology and, from today, navigable with mobile devices.

The pages present the exhaustive description of Maxer and its activities, enriched with new services for the pharmaceutical companies. In particular, the management of Clinical Trial Transparency and the services for the Medical Affairs departments are some of the most important innovative activities Maxer can perform.

The section dedicated to the communication proposes relevant innovations, including a stronger focus on the consulting projects for the web and the Social Media. Maxer, besides confirming the traditional modules dedicated to the Effective Communication and the Corporate Communication, offers new courses of text drawing and medical writing. The applied linguistics, the change management, and the strategies for the Web and Social Media marketing are presented in terms of methodology, so as to envisage concrete examples of the approach Maxer follows to manage the projects it is responsible for.

The News section, four thematic blogs (The shattered myths of the Web, Medical writing, Market Access and Clinical Trial Transparency) and a wide range of services round out this new edition of the website.