Time of zettabyte

zettaThe June issue of the Harvard Business Review Italia magazine publishes “Time of zettabyte”, an article by Massimo Zaninelli dedicated to the radical overhaul that the combined effect of Big Data, Internet of Things and Apps is imposing about traditional marketing paradigms. The synergistic use of these tools appears to be doomed to generate not only a relevant economic impact but also a substantial change in the collection and processing of the information that is the basis of the companies’ marketing plans.

Below is a short excerpt of the text.

… Big Data is a set of complex data, such as images, email, social or GPS, so large that traditional analysis systems are not able to obtain valuable information from them. This requires the use of dedicated tools, able to extract trends or provisions applicable in the scientific, health, political, and marketing fields. The growing body of Big Data – Cisco Virtual Network Index predicts that in 2016 the annual IP traffic exceeds zettabyte (ZB = 1021 bytes) – is susceptible to numerous uses. […] This explains why the sociologist Alex Pentland recently stated: “The engine that drives social physics (scientific and statistically solid approach to the social sciences, author’s note) is Big Data”. [1]

[1] Pentland A, Social Physics. How good ideas spread, The Penguin Press, 2014