What we did in 2014

Thanks to Rob for the picture2014 has been crowded with initiatives and new project for Maxer Consulting. Here is a list of the most relevant activities completed during the year.

  • Editorial project and implementation of the Chiesi Group Annual Report
  • Editorial coordination of the Chiesi Group internal magazines
  • Co-projecting of the permanent expo at the Chiesi Research Centre, including the screenplay of the video “The birth of a drug”
  • sorin.com project: collection of the internal requirements, identification of the technological partner, and quality assurance during implementation and follow up
  • Mapping of the market access pathway for cell therapies in Italy
  • Modules 2.5 and 5 of the Common Technical Document for 38 homeopathic products
  • Workshop on the web and social media marketing for IMS Health – Italy
  • 2 editions of the seminar “The perfect pitch: from the email to the choice of social media mix” at the Master “Web Communication & Social Media” (University of Parma)
  • The AISM course “Web & Social Media Marketing for the pharma environment
  • Writing of 2 scientific papers on respiratory drug and their submission to scientific magazines.

Each of these projects raised different challenges and allowed us to increase the understanding of our business. Even more important, it gave us the chance to co-operate in an open and constructive way with our clients. Now it is time to express them our sincere gratitude and special greetings for 2015.