YouSmart: the 4C Model

The webinar cycle YouSmart: the 4C model is the result of the joint initiative of BeProjectsand Maxer Consulting. The project, carried out thanks to the support of AISM, aims to offer a contribution to all those who, following the social limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, are forced to face their professional responsibilities remotely.

Massimo Zaninelli, CEO of Maxer Consulting, oversaw the first of three appointments Ideas and techniques to exploit the potential of smart working (April 3) by deepening the cultural and technological dimension of remote work.

The webinar, which was attended by about 50 people, proposed the framing of the 4C model (Culture of collaboration, Computers, Conduct, Context), and dealt with the use of the tools necessary for remote work: connectivity, sharing, teleconferencing platforms and webinars.

The subsequent debate introduced the relational limits of remote work, the ways to mitigate its effects and the future evolution of this professional modality with which we will still be called to live in the future.

The second (April 6) and the third (April 7) webinars were curated by Andea Bertinotti and Piero Villa (BeProjects) respectively.